An Exquisite Collection of Indian Home Decor

Aura Furnishings bring you an exquisite collection of Indian Home Decor that adds a whole new perspective to your living. From the most traditional to the contemporary and avant-garde collection, we bring you a package of furnishings that will generate a sense of joi-de-vivre and add meaning to your house.

Modern and Classy Fabrics

A variety of delicate and sturdy upholstery, an immensely rich collection of curtains, a terrific assortment of rugs and carpets, at Aura you can avail all that you can imagine. In fact, you will be amazed to see how this collection transcends even your imagination. The furnishings are designed after a careful selection of the fabric and other raw material. And the final product is itself a testament to the craftsmanship of Aura. You can be rest assured that no one can surpass such a fine quality with such intricacy of design and ornate styles.

At Aura Furnishings, we even have a collection of designer furnishings that emanates grandeur and splendor. This collection incorporates soothing designs, innovative texture of the fabric and refreshing colors that will redefine living for you and give a distinct ethos to your house. Soon you will realize that you have become a trend-setter in the world of home furnishings, which people will try to emulate but always fall short of it!

Chic and elegant, subtle and bold, conventional and contemporary; our collection can meet the demands of any customer. We offer an extensive range of Home Decor Products that not only exude magnificence but also last long! With the Home Furnishing Retailers we assure high customer satisfaction, professional service and leave no stone unturned to provide quality products.



Aura Furnishings brings premium quality Curtain fabrics from the finest design houses around the world, each fabric unique from the other, ranging from the traditional to the avant-garde designs. Enhance your interiors by swathing your doors and windows with the finest of fabric and scintillating designs.

At Aura Furnishings, you can choose from a wide spectrum of curtains, from the exquisite and radiant silk, to the glossy and stylish polyester, and the finest collection of cotton curtains. The soothing designs that will induce peace and emanate warmth and comfort; drown into the magic of curtains and give your house a new look altogether.

Cream Curtain and bed sheet pillows

 We bring you the best of the fabrics, which last years and years. You may want to change them out of choice, but never due to poor quality. The designers are adept and leave no stone unturned to bring the best of designs with the finest of quality. These Designer Curtains make you a trend-setter and your house an inspiration for others.


At Aura Furnishings you can avail a wide spectrum of Décor Accessories. While every room has its own story to narrate, the right choice of accessories and

Upholstery add a whole new dimension to the uniqueness. Do you prefer innovation in every room? Or do you appreciate consistency throughout the house?

All you need to do is to pick a theme for your interiors, and watch it come alive with Aura’s stunning array of premium furnishings.

Home Decor

Your home is synonymous with you, your home tells people about your personality, about your likes and dislikes and so on. Aura provides Home Furnishing Accessories which includes both the classic and contemporary styles. An oriental mirror, floating candles with intricate designing, grand chandeliers and placid lamps, a bohemian outlook or a countryside appeal, at Aura, you name it and we have it. A wide range of cushions and bolsters, a fine collection of vase, antiques, show pieces and other extensive range of accessories; at Aura you just have to inform us about your taste and we walk extra miles to fulfill your dream. These accessories add vibrancy to your home and give it a whole new flavor that exudes magnificence. The accessories truly have an aura around it that makes gives a palatial outlook to your home!


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