An Exclusive Collection Of Rugs And Carpets

Decorate your floor with an exclusive collection of rugs and carpets at Aura Furnishings that interweave bold colors and versatile patterns, and handcrafted with finesse and precision. Developed with themes that reflects contemporary lifestyles and has remnants of classical beauty, the rugs and carpets speak to those who tread its path and get etched in the mind.

Carpet Cpllection from AuraFurnishings 

As you walk through the warm shades of rugs and carpets, you need not get unnerved about cleaning and maintaining it. Aura Furnishings provide you with the fine quality rugs and carpets, which are designed to satiate the demands of all types of customers.

There is a range of rugs and carpets which you would preserve for grand occasions, which is loaded with intricacy and fine designs.  The patterns are carefully selected and the artisans are highly adroit at their task.  The carpet has no loose ends, and the threads do not keep coming out like in most of the cases. The rugs and carpet is easy to clean with the handy brush that we provide you with.  One round of brushing and the carpet becomes anew. You would not have even imagined that carpet cleaning could be so easy.  The choice of fabric is such that it looks grand and ornate but is extremely light weight which makes it easy to maintain and use.

Cream Colour Carpet

The other range is for the everyday use.  The rugs can even be washed at home, while the carpets are good with the brushing.  The rugs enhance the interiors of your house by adding more colour and beauty to it.

Cream Colour Carpet

There is a wide range from which the customer can choose from. Not only this, we even take orders and customize the rugs and carpets to your taste. So don’t just keep thinking, tell us about your ideas and see them transform into reality.


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