Modern Furniture – Grants A Palatial Outlook To Your Home

It is the furniture that quite literally makes up your house and gives it a defining value. A house is unimaginable without furniture and in that sense it becomes indispensable. Aura Furnishings is proud to keep a wide range of furniture that meets the varied demands of the customers. You can Buy Modern Furniture at Aura that redefines your living and grants a palatial outlook to your home. Right from the Bedroom to the Living room, we provide a range of conventional and modern design furniture which is comfortable to use, maintain and exudes subtlety.

From the most conventional wooden furniture to the stylish wrought iron furniture, to funky and lightweight plastic furniture, at Aura Furnishings you can avail any and every type of furniture.


This wide range includes the grand wooden beds, which uses the best of teak wood. The fine wood is carved out to make intricate designs and then varnished to give it a finer and richer look. The beds are available in different sizes, with stylish bed heads. Some of the bed heads are simply designer while the others are multi-purposed. It has a storage space, where in you can store in all your bed covers and quilts. The bed box is made in a way that you can easily pull the drawers out, without having to turn over the mattress each time you have to take out something.


The wrought iron furniture is twisted and carved out in ways to make the bohemian style and the most conventional beds. The other wrought iron range includes racks for storage and centre and side tables. This is enhanced by using the finest of glass.

The plastic furniture on the other hand is easy to carry, maintain and light on the pocket. It is painted in a way that gives it a richer look and it almost looks wooden. You can move around the furniture wherever you want. There are some plastic chairs especially for your balcony which are heat and water resistant. So you need not worry about the majestic sun or the monsoon showers, your furniture stays intact.

All you need to do is to inform what you have in mind. We put in extra efforts to make your dream come true.


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