An Elegant Range Of Bed And Bath Linen


At Aura you get an elegant range of Bed and Bath Linen with immense durability and sheer softness of the fabric. Pamper yourself and submerge yourself in decadence of linen. The fabric is so soothing that you would almost want to fly when in the bathrobe, to only fall back upon the sheer comfort of the bed linen.


The range of bed linen includes bed sheets, bed covers, pillow case, quilt covers and mattress covers. The designs are unique which can alleviate any kind of stress and ennui. The fresh colors of the fabric invite you to drown in its lap of comfort. After a long tiring day, all you need is a warm and cozy bed that promises you a good night sleep and prepares you for the next day’s toil. Aura Furnishings provide with the best of linen fabrics carved out to make a beautiful, pretty and exotic bed covers. Spoil yourself this season by availing the bed and bath linen and get the imaginary wings that transcend the boredom and take you to trip of heaven and its concomitant beauty.


The bed and bath linen collection is easy to maintain and can be washed at home. You save the expenses of the dry cleaners and find that its almost magical that after the home wash, the fabric does not bleed or lose its luster. It only softens more with every wash to provide you more and more comfort.



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