An Elegant Range Of Bed And Bath Linen


At Aura you get an elegant range of Bed and Bath Linen with immense durability and sheer softness of the fabric. Pamper yourself and submerge yourself in decadence of linen. The fabric is so soothing that you would almost want to fly when in the bathrobe, to only fall back upon the sheer comfort of the bed linen.


The range of bed linen includes bed sheets, bed covers, pillow case, quilt covers and mattress covers. The designs are unique which can alleviate any kind of stress and ennui. The fresh colors of the fabric invite you to drown in its lap of comfort. After a long tiring day, all you need is a warm and cozy bed that promises you a good night sleep and prepares you for the next day’s toil. Aura Furnishings provide with the best of linen fabrics carved out to make a beautiful, pretty and exotic bed covers. Spoil yourself this season by availing the bed and bath linen and get the imaginary wings that transcend the boredom and take you to trip of heaven and its concomitant beauty.


The bed and bath linen collection is easy to maintain and can be washed at home. You save the expenses of the dry cleaners and find that its almost magical that after the home wash, the fabric does not bleed or lose its luster. It only softens more with every wash to provide you more and more comfort.



Aura Decor Upholstery Can Give You Reasons To Smile

Renovating your house every now and then is not possible. But living in the same set up for years without any kind of change can instill boredom and dullness. After all you don’t wish to come back to a house which makes you feel dull and dreary. The thought of home should ignite your face and you should look forward to going back. But how can one change the look of the house and make it more appealing without splurging on it? Aura Furnishings bring you an eclectic range of Decor Upholstery Products, which incorporates both bold and subtle styles.  You tell us what you have in mind and we provide you products better than your imagination.


The accessories include photo frames, candles, mirrors, planters and plant stands, decorative finials, candle holders, book stands, vases, lanterns and lamp shades, wall paintings and décor.  You name it and we have it! The accessories are most exotic, that gives your house a whole new definition, and adds a spark to your life. The best part is that all these accessories look extremely expensive but are easy on pocket. The accessories have a tinge of oriental look which is matched with the contemporary fashion of the time. You can place these accessories in every room in some or the other corner or the walls or the side tables. They will not only enhance the beauty of that corner/ area but also give a more majestic look to your house.

It is also said that one likes to stay at home if there are positive vibes. The accessories spread positivity in your house and give you reasons to smile. So if you want to change the setting of your house and want to give it a new look then money isn’t a problem. Aura Furnishings provides you with the best collection of accessories!


Lets Redefine the Home Decor – Aura Furnishings

Aura Furnishings is proud to offer a mélange of convention and contemporariness in its collection of Home Furnishings.  We have it in us to make the dullest of homes into a fashionable residence. You are tired of the mundane routine, and you think that takes a toll on you? Does that affect your family life? Does it bother you to see how your house lags behind in terms of its look and furnishings? But investing money is not an option for you? The answer to all these questions is Aura Furnishings.


Aura Furnishings has a wide range of upholstery, curtains, bed covers, furniture, show pieces that revamp your house altogether, to give it a bolder, better, and a fresher look. The exquisite collection of rugs and carpets, and the beautiful wall coverings is just what anyone would desire. And to get this at rock bottom prices, would quite literally mean a dream come true. The products are of supreme quality and designed to cater to the varied demands of the customers. If it is a sophisticated and somber theme that you would like to have, we provide you with that; if you want a bohemian theme, then we have furnishings according to that taste as well. If you want your house to exude subtlety then we assure you that, if you want to induce a garish look to your house, then we have immense variety in that too. All you need to do is share your ideas with us. We promise to fulfill your dreams and give them a material reality.

We assure our customers highest quality of product and classy designs so that they can perpetrate the charisma of luxury living.

Experience The Majestic Life With Wooden Flooring

 Are you bored of looking at the same old mosaic designs or marble flooring? Are you apprehensive about investing a lot on the renovation? Are you looking for some short cuts which give your house a good look with least investment and hassle? If the answer to all these questions is YES, then put a pause to your worries. Aura Furnishings provide you with the flooring of your choice. Easy to maintain and sophisticated in looks, adorn your floor with Wooden Flooring and experience the majestic life.


The wooden Flooring uses the finest quality of wood that gets glued to your floor and does not come off like other floorings. The wooden flooring is also easy to sweep and mop and lends a chic ambience to your house. The wood used for this flooring is water resistant and stain resistant. So even if you were to spill water over the floor, there’s absolutely nothing that can happen to your floor. Because the wood is stain free, it becomes very easy to clean and maintain it. Not only this, Aura Furnishings also provides you with different kinds of varnishes. You can apply according to your taste, dark, light, layered, designer. You name it and we have it!



Aura Furnishings also claims to have the most professional services. Our artisans are talented, but possess the modesty and are extremely humble. If you are not satisfied with the placement of the wooden flooring and want it to be set up at a different room, our artisans our just a call away! Let us know what you have in mind, and see it come alive right in front of your eyes!


Modern Furniture – Grants A Palatial Outlook To Your Home

It is the furniture that quite literally makes up your house and gives it a defining value. A house is unimaginable without furniture and in that sense it becomes indispensable. Aura Furnishings is proud to keep a wide range of furniture that meets the varied demands of the customers. You can Buy Modern Furniture at Aura that redefines your living and grants a palatial outlook to your home. Right from the Bedroom to the Living room, we provide a range of conventional and modern design furniture which is comfortable to use, maintain and exudes subtlety.

From the most conventional wooden furniture to the stylish wrought iron furniture, to funky and lightweight plastic furniture, at Aura Furnishings you can avail any and every type of furniture.


This wide range includes the grand wooden beds, which uses the best of teak wood. The fine wood is carved out to make intricate designs and then varnished to give it a finer and richer look. The beds are available in different sizes, with stylish bed heads. Some of the bed heads are simply designer while the others are multi-purposed. It has a storage space, where in you can store in all your bed covers and quilts. The bed box is made in a way that you can easily pull the drawers out, without having to turn over the mattress each time you have to take out something.


The wrought iron furniture is twisted and carved out in ways to make the bohemian style and the most conventional beds. The other wrought iron range includes racks for storage and centre and side tables. This is enhanced by using the finest of glass.

The plastic furniture on the other hand is easy to carry, maintain and light on the pocket. It is painted in a way that gives it a richer look and it almost looks wooden. You can move around the furniture wherever you want. There are some plastic chairs especially for your balcony which are heat and water resistant. So you need not worry about the majestic sun or the monsoon showers, your furniture stays intact.

All you need to do is to inform what you have in mind. We put in extra efforts to make your dream come true.


An Exclusive Collection Of Rugs And Carpets

Decorate your floor with an exclusive collection of rugs and carpets at Aura Furnishings that interweave bold colors and versatile patterns, and handcrafted with finesse and precision. Developed with themes that reflects contemporary lifestyles and has remnants of classical beauty, the rugs and carpets speak to those who tread its path and get etched in the mind.

Carpet Cpllection from AuraFurnishings 

As you walk through the warm shades of rugs and carpets, you need not get unnerved about cleaning and maintaining it. Aura Furnishings provide you with the fine quality rugs and carpets, which are designed to satiate the demands of all types of customers.

There is a range of rugs and carpets which you would preserve for grand occasions, which is loaded with intricacy and fine designs.  The patterns are carefully selected and the artisans are highly adroit at their task.  The carpet has no loose ends, and the threads do not keep coming out like in most of the cases. The rugs and carpet is easy to clean with the handy brush that we provide you with.  One round of brushing and the carpet becomes anew. You would not have even imagined that carpet cleaning could be so easy.  The choice of fabric is such that it looks grand and ornate but is extremely light weight which makes it easy to maintain and use.

Cream Colour Carpet

The other range is for the everyday use.  The rugs can even be washed at home, while the carpets are good with the brushing.  The rugs enhance the interiors of your house by adding more colour and beauty to it.

Cream Colour Carpet

There is a wide range from which the customer can choose from. Not only this, we even take orders and customize the rugs and carpets to your taste. So don’t just keep thinking, tell us about your ideas and see them transform into reality.


An Exquisite Collection of Indian Home Decor

Aura Furnishings bring you an exquisite collection of Indian Home Decor that adds a whole new perspective to your living. From the most traditional to the contemporary and avant-garde collection, we bring you a package of furnishings that will generate a sense of joi-de-vivre and add meaning to your house.

Modern and Classy Fabrics

A variety of delicate and sturdy upholstery, an immensely rich collection of curtains, a terrific assortment of rugs and carpets, at Aura you can avail all that you can imagine. In fact, you will be amazed to see how this collection transcends even your imagination. The furnishings are designed after a careful selection of the fabric and other raw material. And the final product is itself a testament to the craftsmanship of Aura. You can be rest assured that no one can surpass such a fine quality with such intricacy of design and ornate styles.

At Aura Furnishings, we even have a collection of designer furnishings that emanates grandeur and splendor. This collection incorporates soothing designs, innovative texture of the fabric and refreshing colors that will redefine living for you and give a distinct ethos to your house. Soon you will realize that you have become a trend-setter in the world of home furnishings, which people will try to emulate but always fall short of it!

Chic and elegant, subtle and bold, conventional and contemporary; our collection can meet the demands of any customer. We offer an extensive range of Home Decor Products that not only exude magnificence but also last long! With the Home Furnishing Retailers we assure high customer satisfaction, professional service and leave no stone unturned to provide quality products.



Aura Furnishings brings premium quality Curtain fabrics from the finest design houses around the world, each fabric unique from the other, ranging from the traditional to the avant-garde designs. Enhance your interiors by swathing your doors and windows with the finest of fabric and scintillating designs.

At Aura Furnishings, you can choose from a wide spectrum of curtains, from the exquisite and radiant silk, to the glossy and stylish polyester, and the finest collection of cotton curtains. The soothing designs that will induce peace and emanate warmth and comfort; drown into the magic of curtains and give your house a new look altogether.

Cream Curtain and bed sheet pillows

 We bring you the best of the fabrics, which last years and years. You may want to change them out of choice, but never due to poor quality. The designers are adept and leave no stone unturned to bring the best of designs with the finest of quality. These Designer Curtains make you a trend-setter and your house an inspiration for others.


At Aura Furnishings you can avail a wide spectrum of Décor Accessories. While every room has its own story to narrate, the right choice of accessories and

Upholstery add a whole new dimension to the uniqueness. Do you prefer innovation in every room? Or do you appreciate consistency throughout the house?

All you need to do is to pick a theme for your interiors, and watch it come alive with Aura’s stunning array of premium furnishings.

Home Decor

Your home is synonymous with you, your home tells people about your personality, about your likes and dislikes and so on. Aura provides Home Furnishing Accessories which includes both the classic and contemporary styles. An oriental mirror, floating candles with intricate designing, grand chandeliers and placid lamps, a bohemian outlook or a countryside appeal, at Aura, you name it and we have it. A wide range of cushions and bolsters, a fine collection of vase, antiques, show pieces and other extensive range of accessories; at Aura you just have to inform us about your taste and we walk extra miles to fulfill your dream. These accessories add vibrancy to your home and give it a whole new flavor that exudes magnificence. The accessories truly have an aura around it that makes gives a palatial outlook to your home!